A Strong-Hearted Person✨

On the way to become a strong person with an open mind: listen to different voices, analyze & think rationally, stay vigilant about belief, and constantly check the truth in practice.

What exactly is belief?
How to observe the world?
How to interpret life?
What is happiness?

These problems are perfectly compatible and self-consistent, to a strong-hearted person.

A peaceful, confident, and happy person is a person with a perfect personality & a strong heart, even in adversity.

Because his world is no longer just the secular world, he also has his own unique & abundant inner world.

– He is a spiritual noble.
– He is aware of the finiteness of physical life & the infiniteness of spiritual life.
– He aligns the relationship well between his physical life & the spiritual world.
– He can recognize the material standards of the secular world & the alternative coordinates of his spiritual world.
– His standard of action is internal.
– He is not anxious or impatient.
– He plans for the worst in life anytime, anywhere, but pursues the best.
– He doesn’t wait anxiously but acts firmly.
– He has his own standards of happiness.
– He enjoys the happiness that no one else can realize.

Morning, friends!✨🌈💧☕



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