Soul Mates💞

In the darkness, there always seems to be a force that drives us to find some power. It seems that this power must be found before life can begin to be peaceful and complete.

Everyone is unique.

There are only two kinds of people in the world: the ones who live out their own characteristics, and the ones who suppress their own characteristics.

Those who live out their own traits have a destined characteristic of controversy.

Their uniqueness means something that others do not have, and they do something the others cannot do.

They definitely encounter various inevitable trials, criticisms, and challenges, as long as they want to live out their uniqueness.

They are inevitably rebellious, abnormal, and going through hardships; be lonely, enjoy solitude, be helpless while staying strong.

And the soul mate is the person who can enter the truth of life with you, cherish your uniqueness, your rebellion, your abnormality, and your hardship.

Soul mate is the person who enters and feels the joy with you, tastes the bitterness and happiness together, makes mistakes the righteous with you, is determined to defend each other with you.

Find someone who nourishes your soul.🍁💧☕


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