Wealth and Intimacy💰

Money itself is a kind of energy, a symbol, a projection, and a reflection of your life state.

When your life state is very rich and abundant, it will appear in your life mirror image as if you have a lot of wealth, as if you can make a lot of money, and as if your wealth will never be used up.

The same law applies to intimate relationships.

When your life state is joyful and peaceful, you may meet a person who loves you especially, and then you will have a wonderfully emotional and spiritual experience, and you will have many stories…

You have to understand:

This person is a reflection and projection in your life mirror, a manifestation of your current life state.

Because your state is joy and peace, it reflects that this person treats you very well, takes good care of you, cares for you, and brings you a lot of romance and a lot of happiness.

These happy and romantic feelings are what your inner state makes you perceive.

Take care of your inner world, it creates your happiness.

Good morning, my friends!❤️💧☕



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