A 4-Dimensional World👁

A one-dimensional space is simply a straight line. Two or more straight lines form a 2-dimensional(2-D) space.

When two or more 2-D spaces are superimposed, forms a 3-dimensional(3-D) space.

It is a feature that living in 2-D space cannot feel the existence of 3-D space, but the 3-D world can see the 2-D space.

So, in the 4-dimensional(4-D) space, can we use the same mathematical models to connect two cubes together to represent it?

Unfortunately, in the 3-D world, we cannot draw a 4-D cube, because we cannot find a 4th axis to make them perpendicular to each other.

In the same way, the 3-D world can be seen in the 4-D space, but the 4-D space cannot be seen in the 3-D world.

For a 4-D world, all the restrictions in the 3-D world do not exist.

A simple example: we put a key into a safety box, close it, set the password. As a person in the 3-D world, you don’t know what’s in it until opening it. But for a person in a 4-D world, what’s in the safety box is clear.

Just like: In a 2-D world, put a picture frame in a box in front of you, you never know that is drawn on the picture. But for a person looking at it from a 3-D world, it is easy at a glance.

Morning, my friends!😎🔑💧☕



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