Like a Dragon🐉

After Confucius went to visit Lao Tzu, his students asked him what kind of person Lao Tzu was?

Confucius said that Lao Tzu was like a dragon.

“Birds, I know they can fly;
Fishes, I know they can swim;
Beasts, I know they can walk.

I can tie a beast with a net when it walks on the road;
I can use a hook to catch a fish when it swims in water;
And I can use an arrow to catch a bird when it flys in the sky.

As for the dragon, I don’t know what I can do?! The dragon rides the winds in the clouds nine days high!

The Lao Tzu I see is like a dragon!

His knowledge is deep, his interest is high and wide, reaching levels that can’t be measured; like a snake bends and stretches at any time, but unpredictable at the same time like a dragon.

Lao Tsu, really is my teacher!”

When a person is calm and still, works naturally and steadily, has his own principles and integrity, does not speak and promises casually, knows how to control his emotions, calms down in situations, has a strong heart and self-control, he is just like an elusive dragon.

Good morning, my friends!❤️💧☕


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