Energy Cycle and Water Cycle🌞

We know that following the natural changes, everything has a tidal effect, but only water has the strongest tidal effect.

From this, can we refer that water can more strongly absorb natural energy? Do changes in the energy of nature also affect the earth mainly through the water’s actings on the earth?

An important way of the energy cycle on the earth, flourishing the whole world, is through the water cycle, that is, the sun’s irradiation, the transpiration of seawater, the transportation of clouds, the falling back of rain and snow, and the convergence of land, returning from the river to the sea.

The human body is a microcosm of the earth. Water occupies 70% of the earth’s surface and 70% of the human body, and their chemical compositions are similar.

By analogy to humans, we know that natural changes mainly affect the human body through water that acts on the human body. The many physiological cycles of a person are a microcosm of the natural cycle in the human body.

The meridian theory of Chinese medicine describes channels based on water circulation; as well as the ancient wisdom in the highest state of human moral spirits.

The universe is the greatest magician.

Good morning, my friends!🌞💧☕


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