“Nothing But Three”3️⃣

— Not to do anything more than three times!

“一鼓作气,再而衰,三而竭” is from a historical story of victory with less over more. “Combat is based on courage. The first drumming reinforces courage, the second drumming has lower courage, and the third drumming dries up. If we know how to maintain our army’s full courage right after the enemy’s courage is gone after three drummings, it is easy to win.”

“Journey to the West” Chapter 27 says: “事不过三” — Not to do anything more than three times. It refers to the good or bad things that a person encounters will not exceed a certain number and will eventually develop in the opposite direction. That’s why the world is harmonious and unified.

The “three” here has an imaginary meaning and stands for multiple times.

From a modern scientific point of view, the third is a stable number, and the triangle is the most stable figure. The ancient Chinese use this number to indicate that the development and change of general things have their inherent law.

The Chinese also seem to have a kind of plot for the number three. “Nothing but three” is used to warn people not to make the same mistake again and again.

Good morning, my friends!💧☕



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