Human Palms Bring Warmth

In TCM’s point of view, human palms are the indicator of body health and they bring natural warmth to people’s lives. With ten fingers connected to the body through meridians, hand temperature is closely related to human physical, even mental health.

When children feel afraid, parents hold them hands in hands. When the warmth of the palms passes over, the fear would dissipate. When the human stomach aches, putting a warm palm on the belly and gently massage, the pain will be relieved. When patients with rheumatism feel pain in their knees, they like to sit down and cover their knees with warm palms. Through this simple action, they feel better. After long-distance hiking, people prefer to sit down to rest, and naturally cover their knees with their hands. The tired knee joints will get energy back in a while. People with headaches prefer to cover the area of the headache with their palms…

The elders tell us: The temperature of the palm is neither too high nor too low. It is warm and peaceful, and it provides not only warmth but also invisible meridian energies. When the affected body part receives the supplement of these energies, it will be repaired naturally. 

From the perspective of an old Chinese medicine practitioner, the hands are the starting and ending points of part of the meridians, which are closely related to the body organs. Acupuncture points on the hands connect the meridians throughout the body and are the most direct window to reflect the health of the human body.

When people shake hands with different people, they notice that people’s palm temperatures are slightly different. How is this different palm temperature telling different body health conditions? How about other palm symptoms? There are some experiences that the traditional Chinese medicine has collected over time:

a. Cold palms:

Cold palms indicate that the body is weak in the spleen and the body is having weak Qi and Blood. Whether it is cold palms when the weather is cold, or cold palms throughout the year, this already indicates a health problem. The spleen is the source of Qi and Blood biochemistry. If the spleen is weak, the flow of the body’s Qi and Blood will be abnormal, and then blood circulation will be impeded. The impeded blood circulation will directly result in less blood and warmth reaching the end of hands and feet that are far from our heart, and hands and feet will be cold.

TCM Suggestion: Chinese medicine recommends that we choose some foods that warm the spleen and body Yang Qi, such as red dates, ginger, beef and mutton. In addition, exercise should be strengthened. Above all, maintain a balanced Yin and Yang energy is the key.

b. Sweaty palms:

Some people are prone to sweating in the palms and soles of the feet, and even sticky palms and soles all day long, sometimes accompanied by symptoms such as irritability and dryness of the throat. This may be a manifestation of heart and kidney deficiency of Yin Qi.

TCM Suggestion: To nourish kidney Yin Qi and heart Yin Qi, eat more foods that can nourish Yin Qi, such as mackerel, goat milk, yogurt, clams, tofu, spinach, white fungus, enoki mushroom, straw mushroom, oyster mushroom, sago, sticky rice, black fungus, and ensure adequate sleep.

In addition, rice vinegar and warm water can be used to soak hands and feet, which is very effective in improving this symptom.

c. Dry and peeling palms:

Many people have peeling palms and even dry and crack skin of fingers and palms when it comes to autumn. In fact, these are not simply because of body water shortages, but lack of nutrients in the skin caused by poor body Qi and Blood. Dry palms will cause more dead skin to peel off or chapped skin.

TCM Suggestion: Don’t be greedy for cold and raw foods, but eat more foods that nourish Qi and Blood, such as dried longan, red dates, etc. It is also necessary to take care of the hands, such as hydrating and moisturizing the hands, and apply more hand cream in autumn and winter times.

d. Shaking hands:

There are many reasons for hand trembling. Some people experience hand tremor when they are mentally stressed, emotional or extremely tired. Once these emotional factors are eliminated, the hand tremor will disappear. And some people will often shake hands while eating, writing…, this kind of shaking hands may be related to thyroid disease, Parkinson’s syndrome, brain nerve and upper limb neuropathy.

TCM Recommendations: Pay attention to controlling emotions; well-balanced work and rest; seek medical advice and treat symptoms in time for different situations.

e. Hands are often numb:

Cerebral arteriosclerosis will slow down the conduction speed of nerves, reduce the local blood and oxygen supply of the brain, and cause central dysfunction, which may cause hand numbness. Numbness in hands and feet may also be caused by diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Cervical spondylosis can also cause numbness of hands and feet. In addition, lacking of B vitamins may cause some elderly people peripheral neuritis and numbness of their hands and feet. TCM Recommendation: Find out the specific cause and treat the symptoms. Pay attention to supplement B vitamins.

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