Asthma: Suffocated Love

 Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory system. The common symptoms are wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and difficulty breathing.

 We often find that some patients with asthma are in a stable condition, but once they are frightened or stimulated, their situation becomes unstable, which can cause asthma attacks. Such attacks are even more serious than pathogen invasion. Drugs can solve the causative factors of inflammation, but they can’t control people’s emotions, neither can they solve the problem from the root cause.

 Analyze the pathogenic mechanism of asthma: In the case of human emotions receiving tension or intense stimulation, part of the nerves is excited by conditioned reflex, causing single bronchospasm, airway secretions increase, insufficient ventilation, and eventually an asthma attack. It can be seen that mental state is an important cause of asthma.

When people’s spirit is good, the Qi and Blood are vigorous, and then the body’s own mechanisms are regulated and stabilized, asthma attacks will be greatly reduced.

As we always mentioned that more than 80% of physical diseases are related to psychology problems, so what does TCM think about the psychological causes of asthma?

Some eastern medicine thinks: asthma is a reflection of suffocated Love. Unfortunately, most of the cases of asthma originated in people’s early child age, with the feelings of “I have no power to breathe for myself” as a young child. In this saying: Children with asthma have an “overdeveloped sense of responsibility”. They feel guilty for any “errors” that occurred in their environment and feel that they are worthless and need to punish themselves.

When the people around the child or the external environment unconsciously instill in the child “you must be responsible for this matter” for a long time, and the young heart subconsciously repeatedly practice and condemn themselves “Why am I not effectively responsible for this matter”,“ I must be responsible for this”. After a long-term effect of time, long time unhappiness and sadness because of this “lacking the capability of responsibility” gathered in the lung, damaging to lung’s Qi and Blood functionalities slowly, as the result, the child caught the disease which is called asthma.

When a family does not support this asthma child in changing the way of overemphasizing too many responsibilities to the child, changing the living environment is sometimes useful – children with asthma will “get rid of” the disease when they go to school, get married, or leave home by leaving those mental hurts far behind.

But, if someone touches their “old switch” at a later time, they will fall ill again, instead of reacting to the current environment, they react to their childhood environment buried in their deep memory.

Eastern medicine also says: Heart disease requires heart medicines.

In our daily life, we always care for and love people around us, sharing their happiness and unhappiness, sharing their responsibilities will potentially reduce asthma cases. And it is important that we review ourselves to reflect if we are putting too much responsibility on ourselves and on the people around us, especially our young children. Heart medicine is the best antidote for heart diseases. It is better for the doer to undo what he has done.

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