The Universal Energy Frequency

Because Mother Earth rotates at a certain oblique angle while revolving around the sun, day and night are produced; spring, summer, autumn, and winter are produced.

The ancestors discovered this secret a long time ago and derived from this the law of movement of heaven, the earth, the sun, the moon, and everything in the universe. They had mastered the secrets of the absorption and divergence of the earth’s energy and thus revealed the laws of human energy changes and the natural laws of birth, old age, sickness, and death. They have an in-depth analysis and description of the rotation angle and tilt angle of Mother Earth.

They believed that the earth is an organism, and she is surrounded by a circle of energy. We know from modern physics that the energy field surrounding the earth outside is called the geomagnetic field. There are different opinions about the reasons for the earth’s magnetic field today, but there is no one that can be the broad convincing argument.

As discussed here, the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere of the earth have a mutual energy change pattern difference due to the seasonal changes of the earth’s energy. This energy difference makes the northern and southern hemispheres like the positive and negative poles of a huge battery. With such a large energy difference, when the earth rotates at a very fast speed, as revealed by the electromagnetic induction effect in physics, it will produce a strong magnetic field. Can this explain the source of the earth’s magnetic field at some point?

The rotation of the Great Mother Earth provides the electromagnetic field foundation for the development of human culture on earth and is the source of all modern technologies. What is the frequency of this energy field of Mother Earth?

When human beings enter the state of meditation, when all the connections between the human body and the material world are closed, when only the energy interaction between the water of life and the fire of life is allowed, the entire human body is completely connected to the universe.

Is the human frequency generated at this moment consistent with the frequency of Mother Earth? Is it consistent with the frequency of the universe? Humans are only a small part of nature.

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