63. Jiji – Beginnings Of New Cycles

Living in the middle of heaven and the earth, the human world’s development, and future are all depending on nature and our Mother Earth. To ignite more hope for the human being and regain back human’s physical and spiritual health, we have to take a new perspective and humbly learn from the basic phenomena of heaven, the earth, the sun, and the moon.

Today, we will use another Six-Yao Hexagram which is based on the Li-sun and Kan-moon Hexagrams to introduce the relationship between the sun and the moon, and how their relationship works on human well-being from ancestors’ profound insights. It is also the relationship between the water and the fire.

This is a very auspicious Hexagram with the name of Jiji. However, it must be re-emphasized that most of the 64 situations in the universe and human life are filled with dangers at stages. Although the two Six-Yao Hexagrams quoted here in my articles are peaceful and auspicious, the pure purpose here is to give readers an easy way to start.

After introducing the combination of the Qian-universe and Kun-earth Hexagrams(Could here be set to be a hyperlink to the previous article of Tai – The Peace of the World), what is about the combination of Li-sun and Kan-moon Hexagrams? Similarly, let’s look at the whole symbolized image of Jiji as shown in the below image. Its internal Hexagram is Li and the external Hexagram is Kan. Intuitively, the sun is below the moon, exactly the same as the heaven below the earth in Hexagram Tai.

Borrowing the masculine, fiery, hard, and hot characteristics of the sun and the feminine, low-key, soft, cold, and introverted characteristics of the moon, the ancients used them to represent the fire and the water respectively and developed a profound scientific theory of life deduction from the relationship between the fire and the water.

Jiji’s Social Symbolized Characters

Let us re-visit the origin of mankind from a deeper new perspective. In this argument, Eastern and Western cultures show a high degree of consistency. They both have legends of one or two big floods in history. From ancient culture to modern civilization, human settlements are accompanied by rivers. Water sources were and are the most important determinants for early agriculture, fishery, city water, modern transportation, urban constructions, etc. From Asia to Africa, to Europe, to the Americas, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Congo River, the Volga River, the Danube River, the Mississippi River… how many people and cities have been nurtured and watered by them!

As mentioned in the previous analysis, the initial formation of the earth began with the aggregation and interaction of liquids in a vast universe. Then, what is the relationship between the origin of humans and water on the earth?

It is well and broadly known that human eggs are fertilized in a liquid environment, and the embryo develops in the amniotic fluid environment of the mother’s uterus. And more than 70% of the body of a newborn baby is water…

Yes, water is essential to life. But what does fire do with it here?

Is this fire that can warm, heat, and burn water? Yes, it is. No, it is not exactly, but not limited to the fire burning things. The fire the Li Hexagram represents is better described as a force of warm energy, which is upward moving, bright and vibrating. It is a form of Yang Qi, Yang energy.

How should we interpret this fire in human life? It is the energy that drives the sperm to move; it is the energy that maintains our heartbeat, it is the energy that keeps our breath continues; it is the energy that supports humans to move, think, speak…; it is the energy that supports us to change the world… Those are all the fires we are talking about here.

The wisdom of the ancients did not only stop at discovering the important role of water and fire in the human world and human life, they also revealed how water and fire work in human life and the human body, and told us how to effectively use this interaction of fire and water wisely to improve our health and happiness.

They also stated that the fire is representing the south direction and the water is representing the north direction on the earth. While on a human body, the south is the head and the heart, and the north is the abdominal area.

Now, let’s go back to Jiji.

Jiji is the Pinyin pronunciation translation of the Chinese word “既济”. The first character “既” means after finishing a meal. The second character “济” means after crossing the river. In ancient times, one of the biggest natural challenges for our ancestors was to cross a big river; and the top priority challenge in their life was to get them fed full. So, completing a meal symbolizes that people’s material needs were met, and crossing a river symbolized the success of ancestors’ “career”.

Just like the simple phenomenon of fire heating the water, the strong energy from fire and soft energy from water interacted perfectly, as reflected by the Jiji Hexagram.

Did the ancestors simply mean to use this Hexagram to tell that everything is perfect when success is achieved? No.

On the contrary, Jiji reveals that every stage of this success process is full of twists, turns, and imperfections. This Hexagram reminds people to remember that success is difficult to maintain for long when they are reaching the final stage of success. Being arrogant at this time, a momentary victory will dazzle the human head and cause a crisis. It also reminds policymakers to think about possible situations and be prepared in advance when milestones are to be achieved.       When the fire and the water are unbalanced, how will it affect human well-being? When the fire is about the water to form an upside-down Hexagram from Jiji, what does that Hexagram mean to the human world? We will discover them together. The answers are in the book linked below.

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