Sun and Moon in the Unity of Human and Heaven

The ancients were not entangled with trivial matters every day like modern people, nor did they have so many entertainments and daily distractions. In addition to solving their survival problem, their time and energy can be used to observe, record, and study the changes and movements of the world to find the most effective way for humans to adapt to further development.

The wisdom of the ancients is unimaginable, and the results of the magical accumulation effects over time of their long-term achievements are amazing.

Without civilization written words, papers, neither talking about computers, telescopes, and without guaranteed three meals a day, even without a stable home, the ancients could accurately describe how the operation of solar system of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury, as well as the sun and moon impact on the earth’s human beings and the entire earth’s environment. Considering such circumstances, all the knowledge they left us is worthy of our serious and humble sitting at the desk, studying and thinking.

The ancients long discovered that the unique time period of the world is related to the specific position of the earth in the solar system, such as day and night, 24 solar terms, four seasons, and years.

Day and night are the cycles of the earth’s rotation.

A year is the period of the earth’s revolution around the sun.

A month is the period of the moon’s revolution around the earth.

The four seasons are because when the earth rotates and revolves around the sun, there is a rotation angle.

Behind these time rhythms of solar terms and four seasons is the displacement change of the solar energy radiation received by the earth, through day and night, and through the four seasons of a year. Therefore, the changes of the four seasons of heaven and earth have the characteristics of consistent movement, and the rhythm of human physiological functions also changes with the movement of the four seasons of heaven and earth.

Human body is said to have about 365 acupoints, while there are 365 days in a year.

Human body has 4 limbs, while there are 4 seasons in a year.

Human body has 12 meridians, 12 pairs of cranial nerves, while there are 12 months in a year, and 24 hours in a day for modern people, and there were 12 hours a day for our ancestors since their one hour was our two hours; and there are 24 solar terms in a year, 12 of them is about the earth’s rotation cycle and the other 12 of them are about the change processes of the earth’s energy absorption and radiation.

Human body has 7 orifices for the senses, while there are 7 days in a week…

People in the Middle of Heaven and Earth

Referring back to the above figure of a typical 3-Yao Hexagram, the unity between heaven, earth, and human, are well reflected on the human body through all these numerical studies related to time systems and geographic systems, and the sun and the moon are playing very important roles in all these systems.

“Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon” described the circadian rhythm, the 7-day rhythm, the seasonal rhythm, the annual rhythm, the 60-years rhythm of human physiology and pathology. And there is a very interesting point that animals and humans have pregnancy cycles multiples of 7 days:

  • Chicken hatching eggs:  7×3 = 21 days
  • Cat pregnancy:  7×9 = 63 days
  • Rabbit pregnancy:  7×4 = 28 days
  • Tiger pregnancy:  7×15 = 105 days
  • Human pregnancy:  7×40 = 280 days

The ancient treatise stated that catching a cold, without treatment, as long as no complications, it can heal on its own in generally 7 days, otherwise extending to 7xn, 14 or 21 days, based on the body conditions and external conditions. They took the 7th day of a situation as a day for things to change into another complete situation. Does this have anything to do with the Six-Yao Hexagrams which defines the 7th stage of a situation as a new situation? Is it a coincidence that Christian Sunday is a rest day or an energy recovery day? Is it just a coincidence that both in the western and eastern cultures of human kind the 7th day means the new start of a new situation?

But, how does this universal law of 7-day rhythm develop? It is developed by the interaction of the earth and the moon.

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar has 4×7=28 days per month. It reflects the 4 tides in a month. Human ancestors originated from the ocean, most of the human body is composed of water, so the 7-day rhythm of the human body can also be regarded as the tide rhythm.

Following the natural changes, everything has a tidal effect, but only water has the strongest tidal effect. An important way of the energy cycle on the earth, flourishing the whole world, is through the water cycle, that is, the sun’s irradiation, the transpiration of seawater, the transportation of clouds, the falling back of rain and snow, and the convergence of land, returning from the river to the sea.

From this, can we refer to water that can more strongly absorb natural energy? Do changes in the energy of nature also affect the earth mainly through the water’s acting on the earth? The answer should not be a complete no. But according to the “Yi Jing”, water has a wider descriptive meaning. It not only represents the water, but also represents the Yin energy that is carried by Kan.

In the middle of a Kan, there is the rising Yang energy… Read More

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