The Man and the Woman

The change of the human life energy of water and fire is similar to the energy change of Mother Earth, so what is the effect of the change of the human body’s Qi and Blood? The answer is the moon.

Human beings obtain energy from the universe and begin the process of life-“性命” in the gestation and nourishment of the mother’s body. This life-“性命” is transformed into “性情” during the interaction of the acquired nature with the environment and people around after birth.

“性情”, the combination of the “性”-the innate characters and the essential body from the universe; and the “情”-the temperament that develop after birth. It reflects human emotions. As a great part of human acquired life, human emotions are closely connected with Qi and Blood.

How to understand this definition and relationship? Using a modern term, there is a boss of human’s Qi and Blood. It dominates and presides over the whole life, including Qi and Blood, and human emotions. This boss lives in the human body, never leaves. Where does it live? This boss lives in the human heart, in the human head.

Qi and Blood and emotions are the innate life’s external reflections. They are like another twin brothers, mutual influence, mutual control, mutual dependence, and mutual transform between each other.

In Chinese culture, instead of saying that women come from Venus, they say that women are like water. The woman is Kun. The woman is Kan. Women give birth to a new life, just like the Yang comes out of the Kan, in the middle of Yin.

Women are naturally born with tenderness like water. And women are emotional. The fluid circulation system greatly influences and determines a woman’s temperament, personality, and emotions. This effect is manifested in a woman’s menstrual cycle.

All people on earth will not deny that the moon’s revolving around the earth affects the ebb and flow of water on the earth, the waters in the ocean, the water in the river, the water in the stream, the water in the well, the water underneath the ground, the water in the air…The water level in the well must be much higher on a full moon night than on a dark night. Don’t forget, there is water in human body too.

A woman’s menstruation is an external manifestation of a woman’s body fluid circulation. Once every 28 days, it completely follows the moon’s orbiting cycle around the earth. If menstruation does not follow this 28-day cycle, it indicates that some Qi and Blood are blocked somewhere in a woman’s body. Cycles that are too short and too long are bad for women’s health. And amenorrhea, mostly accompanied by fear of cold, cold hands and feet, is a manifestation of the accumulation of a large amount of Yin Qi in a woman’s abdomen, where Yang Qi could hardly be stimulated. Cold hands and feet indicate poor blood microcirculation in the body. Infertility is the cumulative consequence of a woman’s Qi and Blood disorder.

The physical condition of a woman in her menstrual period is a complete Kun status. A woman is in a Yin state from the inside to the outside of the body. As the Yang Qi is the weakest during these days, it is very easy to catch a cold, get sick. Since the inside of the body is in Yin, if a woman drinks or eats cold food during these days, the body will store that coldness somewhere, and at a high possibility in the abdomen, or in the reproductive organs directly.

To women, this week is like the dark nights without the moonlights. Because of the physical condition in the few days of menstruation, women’s mood will be lower and quieter. But, the menstrual period is also the best time for a woman to detoxify her body. Regular cleaning and replacement of blood in the body is a great good thing for human health. And it is always true that in extreme Yin, Yang quietly occurs and functions in the middle of Yin, just that humans might not be able to notice and understand it.

It should take seven days to completely end the menstrual period. And on the seventh day, a Yang will quietly start inside the Yin. It is exactly the same as how the first Yang-Yao rises in our Mother Earth’s energy cycle. And this is the day a woman’s new shining and beautiful cycle starts. In a week starting from this day, women will feel comfortable, happy, a light body, flexible mind, efficient in doing things, everything is so smooth, and no matter how big difficulties can all be naturally faced with a very optimistic and positive attitude. If analyzing this from the perspective of the “Yi Jing”, women’s entire body and emotions are developing into a Tai status these days. The second Hexagram in below figure is the Tai.

Four weeks of a woman’s menstrual cycle

As the woman is in a complete Tai status, it means everything is good, everything is moving just smoothly for her now. And her body naturally is ready for a new life, and her egg is ready at the end of this week, at her full moon day, at the most romantic and beautiful night. This is the time for a new Qian life to start in her body. To further be ready, in the next week, her body is complete in a Qian status, full of Yang Qi energy, which is the best energy in supporting the smooth implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. And these days, women are in a good physical and emotional mood, with sunshine, passion, tolerance, and fraternity.

Only in order to give birth to a new life, should a woman’s normal menstrual cycle pause. The influence of the moon on the human body will only be put on hold for a new life created by the sun and the earth’s energy to come into the world. If the egg is not fertilized, the woman’s next week will continue its normal cycle, moving into an upside-down Tai status, a Pi status we will talk about in Book II.

Unfortunately, this is a completely different, upside-down status from the Tai week. Women change into a very moody week and will feel uncomfortable, unhappy, a heavy body, iced mind, inefficient in doing things, everything is so stuck, and no matter how small matters are, they are easy to make women get angry. All the discomforts in the body will be amplified and manifested at this time. For example, the cold Yin Qi accumulated in the abdomen will be manifested as abdominal pain, the accumulation of Yin Qi or turbid gas in the breast will be manifested as breast distending pain, and the accumulation of blocked Qi and Blood in the waist will come out as obvious low back waist pain, the same kind of accumulation in other parts of the body will be revealed as if under a magnifying glass too. This is very depressing, right? Yes, it is. It is a time a woman can easily get very stressed and depressed.

But, women with strong Yang energy are sensitive to feel the energy change in their body, and they can understand this periodical cycle change of their body and are able to control their reactions, their emotions. It would be a miracle that when women can control their emotions but not stuck in depression, they can have strong Yang energy, and as a result, less Yin Qi will accumulate in their body, and their bodies have smooth Qi and Blood. They do not have cold hands and feet. They do not have chronic abdominal pains. They do not have abdominal pains. They have a very regular menstrual cycle. They have beautiful and shining skin. They have a soft and healthy body. They feel happy, too.

This control of self-reactions and emotions are conducted by the human heart and head. It is a human’s spiritual light that is the only thing that can ignite human happiness and better health. Not doctors. Not medicines. Not too much muscle exercises. Not money. Not power. Not food.

How about our men? Men have no menstrual cycle, and are they also affected by the moon’s movement? If their body is mostly water, they are off course.

Women’s psychological fluctuations are mostly related to the menstrual cycle. Although men do not have obvious menstrual cycles like women’s periods, they also have a regular biological cycle of about a month, which is reflected in periodic emotional lows. Every month, men will have a few days uncharacteristically. They either love to make a fuss or say nothing, or they just feel they can’t get up to work, and nothing seems right.

This “low tide” phenomenon in men is actually a biological rhythm change, which is the result of changes in male body hormone levels. As part of human body fluid circulation, body hormone is regarded as human water in Taoism’s theories. It is reasonable to understand that both man and woman’s emotions and body are influenced by the moon, through their hormone and fluid circulation systems.

Compared with men, women are less likely to suffer from cerebral thrombosis, heart disease and other diseases related to blood and body fluid circulation, which have a great relationship with women’s long-term blood renewal and women’s ability to vent their emotions.

If the woman is like water in human life, is the man like the fire in human life too?

Compared with women, men are indeed sunnier and more energetic. Men are indeed more divergent and surging like fire. Even the basal body temperature of men is higher than the average basal body temperature of women. A woman is like water, which is a hurdle in itself and can nurture life. What about men? Men are gentle by nature. The masculinity manifested in men is inherently used to tolerate, care, and protect the people around them. This heart of care and love is the greatest value of a man’s existence, and it is also the life meaning of a man’s life being the fire energy like Li. The one line of Yin-Yao in this Li of a man’s life is Yin, is a woman in the middle of the heart of a man. Only a home can make a dashing man settle down.

A woman, as gentle as water, but also as tough as water, has a strong heart beneath her gentleness. Nothing can cut off the water. When a woman’s child or family or something that a woman loves is violated, the masculine and bravery shown by the woman can make the tiger and the lion shrink.

The magic of the universe is that it always puts complementary and mutually exclusive transacting two matters together. There is no absolute Yang, and there is no absolute Yin. It is impossible that there is only Yang and no Yin; or only Yin and no Yang.

Woman is the water and man is the fire. A family is like fire cooking the water. There is an interesting metaphor about a woman and a man’s energy. Taoists have a saying that women’s body energy center is above their waist. If we look at a woman’s walk, they are waving their waist when they walk to make the balance. Their walk can be like a dance, like flying, light and precarious. If their walk seems to be like heavy steps, something is wrong with their body.

While for a man, their body energy center is in their abdominal area, lower than their waist. And when they walk, their knees take more of the weights for the balance. Men are born to have the capability to stand for hours without any movement since their energy center of the body is much lower than women. And it is a really tough thing for a woman to stand for hours still. This is said to be the reason why men suffer more knee problems than women. When a man’s knees are not healthy, they have a really big problem with their life energy and health.

Water has the innate character to nourish downward and fire has the innate character to heat upward. When a family works as a unit, the wife will follow the husband, like the earth following the sun. This is not to say that women are oppressed or belittled, but because many of the congenital conditions of women need the protection of masculine men. But within a family, when the husband tries to praise the wife, putting the wife on top of the center of the family, very naturally this family will be extremely happy and happier.

On the contrary, if the husband thinks that he is the head of the family, he must be aloof and instill this mindset between words and actions to the whole family. This will be an inverted Tai Hexagram status, an inverted Jiji Hexagram status, that water energy and fire energy could not interact, and various misfortune and unhealthy will follow.

The universal laws apply to everything at all times automatically and unconditionally.

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