Inside SQUARE and Outside ROUND

Ancient Chinese copper coins are inside a square and outside round. It is a reflection of the Chinese philosophy of “being a ROUND person and doing things in a SQUARE way”.

In short, SQUARE is #morality; ROUND is #humanity;
SQUARE is #integrity, ROUND is #accessibility;
SQUARE is bearing, ROUND is self-restraint;
SQUARE is the backbone of life, ROUND is the essence of doing things.

SQUARE means being a person upright, having own opinions and principles, neither tempted by power or money, nor by the pressure of others.

ROUND is blended of sophistication and well-grown wisdom in handling things, which requires exquisite skills, not rigid, dogmatic, blind, but with constant response to make changes, advance or retreat freely.

The skillful combination of SQUARE and ROUND is a perfect combination of great wisdom and tolerance, to stay calm in the face of crisis and adversity, but enjoy the process.

It’s the greatest wisdom in the aspects of self-cultivation, interpersonal #relationship management, between advancing and retreating, between success and failure in everyone’s daily life.

Good Morning, my friends.


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