Save the #1 Supply Chain, Now!

Any business is like a pipeline: a supply chain resource distribution and circulation system. The smoother and more widely distributed the pipelines, the higher the commercial success rates are.

Just like a tree, its roots, trunks, branches, and leaves are combined into an organic “pipeline”, where water and nutrients flow, output the green, oxygen, flowers, fruits. The more efficient this system is, the more prosperous the tree is.

Just like the human body, a material and energy “pipeline”. Water, nutrition, knowledge, culture, wisdom flow in and return his value back to family and society. The higher the energy conversion rates of a person, the more happiness and the healthier the body.

Finance, the circulation of wealth, exports development.
Internet network, the circulation of information, outputs progress.
Education, the circulation of knowledge, exports talents.
Transportation, the circulation of logistics, outputs efficiency.

We use all earth resources to promote the rapid development of all kinds of pipelines. But, we are neglecting the efficiency of the largest material and #energy “pipeline”- our Mother Earth: the energy in this pipeline is badly blocked.

It’s time for serious attention and actions, now.


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