The Kindness We Pay Hides Our Future Path

There is a farmer who has an excellent harvest of corn varieties every year, and he always donates his fine seeds to other villagers without hesitation.

Someone asked why he was so generous? He said: I am good to others, but I am also good for myself. The wind blows the pollen around. If the neighbor sows inferior seeds, it will naturally affect the quality of my corn during the pollination process. Therefore, I am very happy that the folks and neighbors all sow the same good variety.

The ancients said: Those who love are to be loved, those who bless are to be blessed. The kindness you pay hides your future path.

For everything we want ourselves to get, we must let others get it first. If we want to be loved, we must first love others; if we want to be cared for by others, we must first care about others; if we want others to treat us well, we must first treat others well.


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