The Lost Watch

There was a carpenter who worked in his yard. His business was very good. Every day from morning to night, the yard was filled with the sound of saws and hammers, and was piled with shavings and sawdust.
One evening, the carpenter and one of his apprentices were sawing a thick piece of wood. Accidentally, the bracelet of the watch on his wrist broke, and the watch fell into the pile of shavings on the ground. At the time, the watch was a valuable item. The carpenter and his apprentices hurried down to look for the watch, but there were too many shavings on the ground that they can’t find the watch.
It was getting late, and the carpenter decided to look for it the next day.
After a while, his little son ran over: “Dad, look. I found the watch!”
The carpenter was surprised: “There were so many of us adults who spent a lot of work in finding the watch without any luck. How did you find it?”
His son said: “After you are all gone, I was playing in the yard alone. With no one working, the yard is quiet. I suddenly heard the sound of tick, tick, tick, and follow the sound to find it all at once.”
In the complicated busy days, here comes the power of life in silence and quietness.


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