The “Digitalized” Names of the Founding Emperor’s Family

Over more than five thousand years, there have been countless anecdotes in history, from astronomy to geography, from humanities to ethics, from mathematics to nature, from poems to music, all reflecting the diversity and tolerance of ancient Chinese cultures.

The names of Chinese people have profound meanings and metaphors. In ancient times, the names of Chinese people reflected the unsophisticated characters of Chinese people and their harmonious relationship with nature. Over history, it developed into a profound impact on the name and corporate culture of modern companies.

Here, we will be talking about an interesting story related to Chinese names, humble, great, but unsophisticated:

On a dark and windy night, with a hole torn in the sky and a red light flashed in the house, accompanied by a cry, Zhu Wusi (朱五四; 五-five; 四-four) rushed into the room and shouted: “My BaBa(八八; Eighty-Eight) was born; my BaBa was born…”

“Wusi, what are you talking about?” Zhu Chuyi(朱初一; 初一 means the first) looked at his son and asked.

“Father, this is my son, named BaBa(八八- Eighty-Eight). If Father doesn’t like this name, let’s call him Chong Ba(重八- Double Eight)!”

This was how Zhu Yuanzhang(朱元璋), the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was born and given a name by his father.

This family wasn’t all mathematicians, right?

Great-great-grandfather: Zhu Bailiu(Bailiu is 百六, it means Hundred Six)
Great-grandfather: Zhu Sijiu(Sijiu is 四九; it means Four Nine)
Grandfather: Zhu Chuyi(Chuyi is 初一, it means the First)
Father: Zhu Wusi (Wusi is 五四; it means Five Four)
Zhu Yuanzhang: Zhu Chongba (Zhu Chongba is 重八; it means Double Eight)

一个月黑风高的夜晚,天空撕裂开一个口子,房屋中闪现一道红光,伴随着一声啼哭, 朱五四冲进房间大喊大叫:“我的八八出生了,我的八八出生了……”






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