Observing a Cone from Multiple Angles

The childhood story of the blind man touching the elephant never fades in our memory.

A blind man touches the elephant to learn what an elephant is like:

When he touches the belly, the elephant is like a wall;
When he touches a leg, the elephant is like a big pillar;
When he touches the tail, the elephant is like a big rope;
When he touches one ear, the elephant is like a big fan…

We learned when we were young that when we look at things, we shall not make random guesses and make incomplete judgments based on a one-sided understanding or partial experience.

While growing older, we are further learning to observe things from multiple angles.

For example, a cone: when we look at it from different angles as the green arrows show below, what we might perceive are surprisingly different from each other.

And then we are learning that observations can be conducted not only from the outside but also from inside the cone. On top of the red arrows showing here, what more angles can we have?

Suppose the cone is in a shadowless-light room? Then, in a laser-light room? What different views might we have?

Suppose we observe the cone from extremely close moving to extremely far away, what we may get?

Even more angles? Please comment below.

What a diverse and mysterious world! We shall always stay humble to listen to different voices and observe things from multiple angles. 



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