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Course A: Observation and Consultation

This free 1×1 20 minutes session is for:

  1. Both you and the instructor to understand your basic body conditions.
  2. The instructor to guide you in exploring the basic “baby” breathing and profile your breathing conditions.

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Course B: Self-Heal Qi-and-Blood Breathing Courses

This is a monthly program of deep soft Qi-and-Blood breathing and stretching practices, focusing on different body part. It covers below breathing methods:

  1. Deep Abdominal Breathing
  2. Two-Points Soft Breathing
  3. Mindful Qi-and-Blood Breathing focusing on the weak parts of the body
  4. Stretching practices on the back spine and the limbs

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Course C: Deep Qi-and-Blood Mobilization Courses

This is a series of advanced Qi and Blood mobilization breath meditation and stretching 1×1 private courses. It is designed for friends who have long term chronic pains or body diseases, who want to have calmful minds and pursue lifetime peace, happiness and longevity. It includes but not limited to:

  1. Vipassana Energy Breathing
  2. Full Body Deep Qi-and-Blood Mobilization
  3. Spinal Flexibility, Controllability and Coordinationality Training
  4. Limbs and Joints Qi-and-Blood Locking Exercises
  5. Gynecological Qi-and-Blood Conditioning (For Female only)
  6. Vipassana Sun Solution
  7. Vipassana Moon Solution

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