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You are power (excerpt: Chapter 7 and 10)

Chapter 7: Human’s Water and Fire Energy

Chapter 10: Life’s Half and Half

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Heaven, Earth, Sun, and Moon

Throughout the entire “Yi Jing”, four extremely important hexagrams reflect four phenomena in the natural world that play a decisive role in human life. These four Hexagrams are also the premise and basis for studying and analyzing all the other…

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11. Tai – The Peace of the World

The Chinese New Year of the year 2021 was Feb 12 and it was the time every Chinese people brings very traditional good wishes to all their friends using one Chinese idiom: “三阳开泰”, which pronounces as:“San Yang Kai Tai”. Every…

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63. Jiji – Beginnings Of New Cycles

Living in the middle of heaven and the earth, the human world’s development, and future are all depending on nature and our Mother Earth. To ignite more hope for the human being and regain back human’s physical and spiritual health,…

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Universe Rewards Hard Work👏

Yi Jing says: “天行健,君子以自强不息。” It is telling that the universe rewards hard works. The more you work, the more you gain. As long as you put in enough effort, you will definitely get corresponding gains in the future. Hardworking people…

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3 Discipline Rules☯️

1️⃣Tiny power can be gathered into momentum to make a big change. Yi Jing:“积善之家,必有余庆;积不善之家,必有余殃” Things happen not overnight, but over a long time. If good things accumulate, a family can prosperous for generations; if bad things are left free, sooner…

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Binary vs. Wordless Heavenly Book📖

No matter how advanced the digital world is, they are stored & processed as binary strings by hardware memories, triggers, controllers… This digital world of 0 and 1 is the best modern application of the theory system of Yin &…

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