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How a Computer Uses 0 and 1 to Describe Everything

When my little girl uses an iPad App to learn simple coding like {if…} {then do…} {repeat…} {elseif…} {else…}, it is fascinatingly simple and easy. And the program lets the kids debug and refine the codes to make their small…

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Protected: From Mother’s Heartbeat to Climate Warming and Global Epidemics

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Heaven Earth and Human in Unity

What is “天人合一”, the so-called unity of the heaven, earth, and human”? The “天” sky here stands for nature and the universe. “人” people stand for us, the whole human being. “一” one, means unity. The word “合” has many…

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From Qi Monism to Yin and Yang

Ancient Chinese culture is the long-term precipitation and development of monistic system thought. Its fundamental theory is always about the change of the energy of Qi. “Yi Jing” and “Tao Te Ching” both tell us: Everything is inseparable from Yin…

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