Winter – Water – Kidney

On the day of the winter solstice, the sun almost hits the Tropic of Capricorn. It is the day the northern hemisphere has the shortest day and the longest night. Astronomy stipulates that this day is the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. After the winter solstice, the direct sunlight position gradually moves northward,Continue reading “Winter – Water – Kidney”

The Universal Energy Frequency

Because Mother Earth rotates at a certain oblique angle while revolving around the sun, day and night are produced; spring, summer, autumn, and winter are produced. The ancestors discovered this secret a long time ago, and derived from this the law of movement of heaven, the earth, the sun, the moon, and everything in theContinue reading “The Universal Energy Frequency”

Human Life is like Fire Cooking Water

Our Mother Earth has a very smart and wise body. As mentioned in the commonality of the legends on the human origin between the eastern and western cultures many times earlier, can we assume that the human origin does have no essential difference between the East and the West? As, no matter what race, withContinue reading “Human Life is like Fire Cooking Water”

Heaven, Earth, Sun, and Moon

Throughout the entire “Yi Jing”, four extremely important hexagrams reflect four phenomena in the natural world that play a decisive role in human life. These four Hexagrams are also the premise and basis for studying and analyzing all the other Three-Yao and Six-Yao Hexagrams. In a brief description, these four phenomena are standing for theContinue reading “Heaven, Earth, Sun, and Moon”

Summer – Fire – Heart

The summer solstice is the most northerly day of the year, and it is the extreme northward movement of the sun. On this day, the northern hemisphere receives the most solar radiation, nearly twice that of the southern hemisphere. After the summer solstice, the altitude of the sun at noon began to decrease day byContinue reading “Summer – Fire – Heart”

Static Is A Big Move

Einstein’s theory of “Relativity” has a point: the speed of light is the limit speed of the three-dimensional world. The Scale Reduction and Clock Slowness effects show that as long as anything reaches the speed of light, it slows down the time to a speed of 0. It can be assumed that things moving atContinue reading “Static Is A Big Move”

Autumn – Gold- Lung

At the end of summer, the earth’s Yin Qi has risen to the surface. At the beginning of the autumn, Mother Earth is already completely in a state of energy convergence. The Yang Qi in the air began to slowly converge, and the air became dryer and cooler. Sensitive birds began to fly south, andContinue reading “Autumn – Gold- Lung”

11. Tai – The Peace of the World

The Chinese New Year of the year 2021 was Feb 12 and it was the time every Chinese people brings very traditional good wishes to all their friends using one Chinese idiom: “三阳开泰”, which pronounces as:“San Yang Kai Tai”. Every year shortly after the Spring Festival, a spring thunder awakens everything, the earth recovers, andContinue reading “11. Tai – The Peace of the World”

63. Jiji – Beginnings Of New Cycles

Living in the middle of heaven and the earth, the human world’s development, and future are all depending on nature and our Mother Earth. To ignite more hope for the human being and regain back human’s physical and spiritual health, we have to take a new perspective and humbly learn from the basic phenomena ofContinue reading “63. Jiji – Beginnings Of New Cycles”